The smarter way to queue 


Long waiting times cost business sales

While it’s not always possible to reduce waiting time, it is possible to reduce the perception of time by improving the waiting experience and providing greater transparency of where customers are placed in the queue.

Introducing ClevaQ

A virtual intelligent mobile queuing solution that notifies consumers when it’s their turn in the queue via an alert on their mobile phone. We’re a software solutions provider who aims to replace buzzers and pagers, currently used within the food industry.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Saves money by removing the need for buzzer purchase / maintenance / replacement

  • Saves space by removing the need for buzzer storage

  • Keeps customers informed of their place in the queue and how long they have to wait to be served

  • Improves customer and guest experience through in-app payment and personalised reward system based on customer data

  • Reduces congestion in waiting areas

  • Has unlimited signal range and customer / guest capacity

  • Gives power back to vendors in terms of payment, promotional and delivery options

  • Universal solution for queues.


Launching in 2019